More and more patients are seeking full mouth reconstruction with Alexandria’s Old Town Smiles experts.

About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Alexandria Full Mouth ReconstructionFull mouth reconstruction is a restoration of every tooth in the mouth. Over time, teeth begin to break down due to everyday use or inadequate oral hygiene. Sometimes teeth are also missing. Full mouth reconstruction is necessary when the teeth are worn, broken down, missing, and begin to cause problems in the bite and appearance of the mouth. The most common solution to these problems are crowns, veneers, inlays, bridgework and implants. In just a few appointments, full mouth reconstruction surgery can restore the function of the mouth, reduce pain stemming from the mouth, and take years off your appearance.

Reasons to Get Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are many reasons why people choose to get full mouth reconstruction surgery. Typically patients suffer from two or more of the following:

  • Missing teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Gum recession
  • Jaw deterioration
  • Loss of vertical dimension

Many people have old dentistry that may have been done in bits and pieces by several different dentists. And much of it might have worn away resulting in collapsed bites and difficulty with chewing. This wear and patchwork of old dentistry can create an aged appearance. A poor bite can cause jaw joint problems, muscle tenderness and headaches.

Chewing and speech can also be affected. Patients may lose vertical dimension if the teeth appear short or if the top teeth completely overlap your lower teeth. Other symptoms of lost vertical dimension are pains in the joints located near the ear, headaches, back pain, muscle pain, and clicking jaw joints. Vertical dimension is restored by physically adding to the biting surfaces of all of the teeth. Various porcelain materials are used to enhance the height of the teeth to make them functional and aesthetically pleasing. It has been estimated that approximately 80% of the general population have lost vertical dimension.

If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned issues or are simply unhappy with the appearance of your mouth, contact our Alexandria, Virginia office today to request an appointment.

Good Candidates

Candidates for full mouth reconstruction are men and women experiencing more than one mouth-related problem or concern. People suffering from problems relating to the function, discomfort, or appearance of the mouth may be good candidates.

There is some concern when treating patients over the age of 80 and patients who suffer from heart problems or an autoimmune disease. We encourage all potential clients to make an appointment with us here at Old Town Smiles so we can fully evaluate your case.

Know that here at Old Town Smiles we aim to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. We believe every mouth can be radiantly restored and look forward to making you proud of your smile.

Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction procedure can include any combination of the following procedures and techniques.


Inlays fill cavities with metal, porcelain, or resin to repair the surface of the tooth, while maintaining strength and function.


Dental bonding is when a natural tooth-colored resin is affixed, or literally bonded, to the tooth. This can be used to correct decay, chips, cracks, old fillings, or large spaces between teeth. It can also be used as a way to elongate short teeth. The composite material can be made into any shape or shade, matching your teeth. It is a very cost-effective route for restoring a tooth.


crown is a cap that fits on the tooth and covers the visible portions of a tooth. A crown can be used to correct many of the same problems as bonding: cracks, chips, decay, older fillings, and spacing issues.


Veneers are very thin pieces of resin or porcelain that are permanently adhered to the fronts of your teeth in order to rectify chips, stains, and deformations. The doctor will shave the top portion of the tooth down to create a smooth surface for the veneer. This procedure can aid in creating fullness of the mouth area and help reduce fine lines.


Bridges function to replace missing teeth by putting caps on top of the teeth surrounding the missing tooth and using them to anchor a pontic tooth in between, filling the gap. This procedure will help fight problems that may come from leaving a gap in the teeth such as surrounding teeth drifting from normal placement. Bridgework is done in two separate appointments; the first is to take impressions, and the second is to affix the bridge.


Dentures are removable replicas of teeth that can be used to replace a series of or full set of missing teeth. They are not a permanent solution.


Implants are replicas of teeth used to replace missing teeth with a manmade root anchoring the individual tooth to the gum. Unlike bridges, implants do not rely on the structure of the neighboring teeth for support and, unlike dentures, implants are permanent.


While we typically try and salvage existing teeth, sometimes they are too far damaged to be remedied with bonding, crowns, or veneers. In this case, an extraction will have to be performed so the problem can be fixed with a bridge, implant, or denture.


Braces, Invisalign, and retainers are some of the most common orthodontic practices aimed at realigning crooked teeth and overbites or underbites.

At the time of your consultation, Dr. Ahmed will decide which techniques will be most appropriate to fix the issues currently facing your oral health.

Complementary Procedures


Our most popular cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening, can be done in our offices or at home. We offer laser light ZOOM whitening that can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades. We also create custom whitening trays that you can use to whiten at home. Depending on your case, we will determine which procedure will be the best one for you.


The gums can sometimes cover the teeth, making them seem wide or short. A gum lift, sometimes also called gum contouring, uses a special laser in order to shorten elongated gums or even out an irregular gum line. A gum lift procedure is very quick and produces immediate results, countering that once “gummy” smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction vs Smile Design

While full mouth reconstruction and smile design will both have the benefit of supplying patients with a more aesthetically appealing smile, the primary goal of each procedure is different. Smile design’s aim is purely cosmetic. On the other hand, the primary goal of full mouth reconstruction is to fix issues in the mouth that are causing pain or causing the mouth to not function as it should. It will help remedy issues like difficulty chewing, headaches, neck pain, and soreness, while also providing patients with a more radiant smile. Smile design works best with patients that already have healthy mouths.

The Procedure

A customized full mouth reconstruction procedure begins by creating a mock wax up. The wax up is created to show the client what the end result will look like. The next appointment will consist of the removal of all old restorations and decay. Impressions of the underlying healthy tooth structure are taken and beautiful temporary teeth are made. The temporaries may be worn for a few weeks. Once the final restorations are complete, the temporaries will be removed and the new teeth will be bonded in place.


Full mouth reconstruction can be a lengthy process, up to one year, in order to achieve your full desired results. The treatment is usually divided into segments, focusing on either one part of the mouth or technique per session. For this reason, the recovery periods after each session will also vary. For example, dental implants take three to six months to heal fully. Most other procedures however will begin to heal within a day of the surgery and discomfort can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. As with any surgery, there are some potential risks. The primary risks of full mouth reconstruction include tooth sensitivity, decay and gum disease, breakage, and allergic reactions.

Your Consultation

At your initial consultation with Dr. Ahmed in Alexandria, Virginia, your doctor will fully assess your teeth, mouth, dimensions, and evaluate your concerns. It is important for us to get a full picture of your prior dental work, which may need to be removed or replaced. Please tell the doctor about any allergies you have, medications you take, drinking and smoking habits, and preexisting health conditions. If you are considering a full mouth reconstruction surgery to restore function and beauty to your mouth, call Old Town Smiles to schedule a consultation today.


Full mouth reconstruction surgery is highly customizable with no treatment being exactly the same. For this reason, a full in-person consultation is necessary before any cost estimate can be made. Feel free to contact us through our online form to request an appointment in with Dr. Ahmed and get started on your full mouth reconstruction!