If you have difficulty with your current dentures or are looking to address dental issues, All-On-4 dental implants may be the fix for you! This new innovative surgery cuts the time and hassle of traditional dental implants and puts you on a fast track to a re-enhanced smile. Our dentists here at Old Town Smiles take personal interest in giving their patients the results that they have only dreamed of. Contact us today and set up a consultation!

What is the All-On-4 Procedure?

All-On-4The All-On-4 procedure utilizes 4 dental implants to support prosthetic teeth that are comfortable, secure, and natural-looking. All-On-4 dentures eliminate the need for messy adhesives and diminish the need for multiple sets of dentures over time by anchoring dentures in place with dental implants and promoting jawbone health so that patients can retain as much bone and tissue as possible. This procedure uses advanced techniques to provide patients with a way to get a new smile without the overly invasive implants that are traditionally used.


In order to fully understand how beneficial the All-On-4 dentures are, let’s review what a dental implant even is. Dental implants are metal screws or posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone. The metal posts would be inserted into the upper or lower jawbone for every tooth that is getting replaced. Once this step is complete, the pontiac or crown can then be added and secured in place. This process will be done for every tooth that needs replacing.

All-On-4 vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Comparing these two types of dental implants side by side can show an array of differences in positives alone.

The All-On-4 procedure ensures that the minimal amount of implants are placed into the jawbone. This not only helps speed up the recovery process but it also leaves less chance for implant complications in the future.

All-On-4 consists of 2 denture arches that cover the upper and lower rows of missing teeth. Meanwhile, traditional implants are added one by one, elongating the entire procedure from beginning to end. One last benefit that the All-On-4 dental implants have that traditional ones don’t is the chance to save money. Rather than paying for each individual implant and crown, this advanced procedure cuts the cost by providing a way to get a full set of teeth all at once. In turn, this cuts down the cost of dentures.


All-On-4 implant arches come with an array of benefits that anyone and everyone can find helpful. As we age and through other possible hereditary factors, our teeth may begin to fall out and affect the way we feel about ourselves. It also can cause issues when it comes to eating and/or talking. The All-On-4 procedure provides an opportunity to correct these issues. The main potential benefits are as listed below:

Quick Results: Because this procedure removes many of the tedious steps that are necessary for the placement of traditional dental implants, patients see results much sooner than they would otherwise. Those who have chosen this reconstructive dental procedure have been happy with the quick results.

Improved Appearance: Majority of people who have dental issues tend to feel self-conscious about their teeth and smile. These special implants give patients a chance to look and feel their best.

Eat What, When, and Where You Want: After undergoing the All-On-4 procedure, men and women can go back to eating what they want, how they want, when and where they want. The results lead to overall better quality of life; being able to enjoy more and worry about their teeth less.

Preventing Further Health Issues: When choosing this reconstructive surgery, patients are not only giving themselves a new smile but they are also preventing further health issues that are caused by decaying and/or missing teeth.

An added bonus is that the maintenance of the teeth is extremely easy. There are no extensive instructions, the teeth are just maintained by brushing and flossing just the same as normal oral hygiene.

The All-On-4 procedure gives those who suffer from serious dental issues a chance at a long-lasting and beautiful smile.


An ideal candidate for the All-On-4 procedure would be:

  • Patients that have little to no teeth at all
  • Someone who is a long time denture wearer
  • A person that is required to wear denture adhesive to keep their denture in place
  • Anyone who suffers from dentures that just don’t fit and constantly move; causing them pain

Patients who are looking into the All-On-4 procedure should have strong bone density and healthy gums. Oral health is very important to maintain before and long after this procedure. Those with a gum disease or periodontal disease should discuss with the dentist regarding further options due to any complications it may cause under the implant arches. Smoking can lead to discoloration of the implants and further gum disease risks.


During the consultation with the dentist, patients will go through an examination of the mouth and review any underlying health conditions that can affect the results of the procedure in any way. For those who are only considering getting one of the arches implanted, whether that be the upper or lower, the dentist will review the particular case and make a recommendation based on what the best options are for the individual. More times than not, both sets of teeth will need to be replaced eventually. In some cases, it is suggested to save some of the hassle and money by choosing to receive both sets of dental implants at the same time.


The All-On-4 method works by using a series of dental implants embedded in strategic locations to anchor and support an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. Four to six implants are surgically placed directly into the upper and/or lower jawbones. Once placed, the bone will integrate around the titanium implant posts, ultimately securing them in place within the jaw. A beautiful set of temporary teeth are then attached to the abutments on the implants. The entirety of the procedure normally takes around two and a half hours, making it a quick procedure that leads to very minimal discomfort and long-lasting results.

Because the areas surrounding the implants must heal, the permanent teeth cannot be placed until the mouth has fully recovered. Temporary prosthetic teeth allow the patient to eat and speak comfortably before the mouth has fully healed. The ultimate purpose of this procedure is to have the ability to enjoy dentures without all of the movement and discomfort, leaving the patient’s teeth looking very natural.

An added benefit to implant supported dentures is that the implants act similar to the roots of the teeth and help prevent jawbone atrophy. When compared to the cost associated with relining and remaking new sets of dentures as the mouth changes shape, the All-in-4 method is more cost effective.

We encourage anyone who is ready for his or her new smile to schedule an appointment to come in and discuss their options with either of our highly knowledgeable and experienced dentist, Dr. Ahmed.

Recovery Process

The mouth is a portion of the body that tends to heal at a slower rate so we ask anyone looking into this procedure to maintain patience while going through the recovery stage. However, because of the metal posts, the implants will be very secure which means that patients can eat as they would like; it is recommended to avoid hard, brittle, or excessively chewy foods for the first few weeks of recovery. After 6-10 weeks, patients can go back to their normal eating habits.

Normally, those who undergo the surgery tend to avoid work and normal daily activities for the first couple days after the procedure. We want to assure our patients that this is not due to pain, this is simply due to the huge and extremely new adjustment of having two full sets of teeth again.

After about 6 months into the recovery process, the implant locations have healed and the permanent dentures can be attached and locked into place. This is why we ask for patience during this time. We are aware that the mouth heals at a slower rate but the results are well worth it wait!


The end results that come with the All-On-4 procedure are extremely positive. Patients are very satisfied with the comfort that is provided when the dentures no longer press up against the gums. The procedure also allows eating to become an enjoyable activity again, removing the irritation and effort that goes into eating when dental issues are present. 70% of a person’s bite is increased after the All-On-4 dentures are fully healed and secured in place. Having these implants inserted also has been known to prevent jawbone deterioration that can happen over time. We are here to help you find your smile again!

There is no time like the present to stop feeling insecure about your appearance and start loving yourself again! This is the latest and greatest procedure to give people the more youthful and approachable appearance they have been searching for. With the years of experience that Dr. Ahmed has, she is able to provide patients with a flawless glowing smile. Your new smile is only a phone call away!