Alexandria Restorative ProceduresRestorative procedures are designed to bring luster and life back to your teeth. Whether you need a filling, an implant, a crown, or a bridge, you deserve customized care to reflect your signature smile. No two mouths are alike, so no one approach is sufficient.

At Old Town Smiles, we offer a full suite of options to rejuvenate your appearance and replenish your grin. Dr. Seema Ahmed brings vast reserves of expertise and compassion to her work. They can assess your look and create the right strategy for your dental restoration. Dr. Ahmed proudly serves the needs of Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding communities. Contact our office online or call (703) 836-7000 to schedule a consultation.


Anyone who has attempted home renovation projects understands that support is the key to success. If you are building a table, you need all four legs to be strong. The same is true of renovating your teeth. A stable foundation is essential to keeping your smile in place and shining brightly.

In the past, people relied on denture gels and creams as a temporary way to glue their prosthetic teeth in place. The results were messy and unreliable. Today, however, we can engineer prosthetic solutions that stay put, no matter how vigorously you put them to the test. The All-On-4 technique leverages the strength and stability of your bones structure to anchor dental implants in four distinct places. Your prostheses are affixed to these four pillars, ensuring that they are a permanent facial feature. Say goodbye to that bothersome denture plate, sliding along a glob of so-called adhesive. And say hello to long-lasting results!

One comprehensive study showed that the All-On-4 method successfully preserved the viability of dental prostheses at a rate of 99.2%, even after ten years![1] To discuss whether you are eligible for an All-On-4 procedure to restore your dentistry, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Composite Resin

When most people think of fillings, they conjure up silver craters that glimmer from the depths of a mouth that has had extensive dental work. But the fillings of today are designed to be subtle and unobtrusive. Composite resin emulates the ivory hue of your teeth to blend right in as it patches damage and replaces cavities.

We construct our composite resin with silicon dioxide, which bonds efficiently with teeth. The solution is ideal for smaller imperfections like chips and cracks. Larger cavities in the back of the mouth may still benefit from a mixture of materials, but composite resin is incredibly popular for anterior (forward-facing) restorations. In fact, an estimated 95% of visible fillings utilize composite resin, along with approximately 50% of posterior restoration procedures.[2]

To learn if composite resin fillings are the best approach for your dental care needs, please call (703) 836-7000 and connect with a friendly and knowledgeable Old Town Smiles representative.


Even when a tooth is badly damaged or discolored, it can be salvaged. The core of your tooth serves as the foundation upon which a dental crown can be securely placed. Old Town Smiles will gently smooth the fractured surface of the tooth you want to address, then cement a custom crown to replicate the look and feel of your original tooth.

Crowns are an ideal restorative approach to teeth that were affected by root canals. Even if the nerves and/or pulp of a tooth are in disrepair, a crown provides structure and aesthetic appeal. Call (703) 836-7000 to learn more about dental crowns and ask if they may be the crowning achievement to your smile!

Dental Bridge

No matter how pronounced a chip or crack in your teeth may be, they are nowhere near as noticeable as when a tooth is missing. Gaps in your dentistry are disruptive to your appearance, but they might also create long-term problems for your oral health. A missing tooth can cause your surrounding teeth to shift, creating a painful, misguided bite pattern as a whole.

To bridge the gap in your smile, consider the benefits of… you guessed it: a dental bridge. Bridges are designed to harness the stability of the two teeth flanking either side of a gap. The two ends of the bridge can be secured to a natural tooth, implant, or crown. The result will look like three teeth in a row, the middle one positioned to take the place of your (formerly) missing tooth.

Dental Implants

For dental solutions that get to the root of your cosmetic and functional issues, explore the possibilities of dental implants. Old Town Smiles can construct an implant that is anchored to the jawbone with a titanium post. Atop this post, we affix a natural-looking prosthetic to restore your appearance and round out your orthodonture.

Old Town Smiles can perform the dental implant procedure in one or two stages. In the single-stage technique, the implant’s support beam is surgically attached to the jawbone and allowed to heal. Later, a crown is attached to the implant, but this is not considered surgery since it is a minimally invasive procedure.

When your doctor performs a two-stage implant procedure, she begins by attaching a prosthetic to the jawbone beneath the gum line. After a sufficient healing period, your dentist then reopens the original incision and surgically attaches the foundational post to an abutment and external implant. The two-stage approach requires longer recovery times, but it is less vulnerable to damage than the single-stage method.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our teeth tell a story. They work in conjunction with each other, they wear down over time, and they age along with the rest of our body. But if that aging process is not as graceful as you would like it to be, you may want to consider a full mouth reconstruction.

To bring harmony and balance to your dentistry, the experts at Old Town Smiles approach your restorative procedure holistically. If you have crooked teeth, gaps, a receding gum line, multiple cavities, or a combination of these conditions, a comprehensive rejuvenation may be in order.

Your doctor may need to begin the full mouth reconstruction process by gently extracting any teeth that are too damaged to salvage. She will then strategize the best way to bring your remaining teeth into alignment. A full mouth reconstruction brings the best of all dental techniques to the table, including crowns, implants, bridges, and composite resin.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

  • Recapture your youthful smile
  • Repair damage and discoloration
  • Alleviate swollen, painful gums
  • Provide symmetry to your teeth

Private Consultation in Alexandria, VA

You may be among the many patients who dread visiting the dentist, but the most difficult step to take is often the first. We will be right here to walk you through the process of restoring your grin, and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. After all, communication is integral to improvement. In the spirit of providing excellent communication to our community, we regularly update our blog. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Smile and Say, “Results!”

It breaks our collective hearts when people shy away from grinning due to their insecurities about their teeth. We want to give you a reason to smile again! Take a look at our shimmering reviews and let us know how we can restore your happy face right here in the happy place (Old Town Smiles).



The price of your procedure will depend on the extent of the damage you want to address. For example, a small filling will cost less than a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Ahmed will provide you with transparent pricing during your comprehensive consultation. Contact us to get the process started.


The answer depends on how and where the tooth is broken. If the fracture descends below the gum line, we may need to design an implant that anchors to the underlying bone to ensure proper stability. If, on the other hand, the damage is superficial, a simple filling or crown may suffice. Call (703) 836-7000 to discuss the nature of your dental issue(s) and we can strategize a solution.


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