Alexandria Fluoride TreatmentSome say that a stiff upper lip displays strength, but we think a smile is the strongest gesture of all. After all, enamel is the hardest of all biological materials; it’s even tougher than steel! However, the enamel on your teeth is thin and incredibly brittle, so don’t go biting any skyscrapers, please.

To keep your teeth as sturdy as possible, you need to build a foundation of care and consideration. Old Town Smiles is eager to join you in the quest to fend off cavities and brighten your grin. Conveniently located in Alexandria, Virginia, Old Town Smiles proudly serves Washinton, D.C. and her surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn how fluoride treatments are an essential ingredient to dental health. It’s elemental!

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a procedure that helps prevent tooth decay. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth. It can reverse early tooth decay.

The daily use of fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinses are an important part of a successful oral home care program. Relying on these products alone may not be enough. Current evidence suggests that a professional fluoride treatment can be beneficial to adults who are at a moderate-to-high risk of developing dental caries (cavities). Studies have indicated that fluoride can reduce cavities by 38% in developing teeth.[1]

Fluoride treatments may be recommended every three, six, or twelve months. The professional fluoride treatment is a much stronger concentration than that used at home.

A fluoride treatment regimen from Old Town Smiles can bolster your barrier against dental decay. Go from “blah” to “a-ha!” with the help of Dr. Seema Ahmed.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Over time, bacteria and erosion deplete your enamel. Every time you grind your teeth and eat sweets, the wall between your dentin and the big, bad world outside gets thinner. So, what are you doing to build it back up? Fluoride is the ultimate construction material. By restoring vital minerals to the surface of your teeth, fluoride strengthens your forcefield against decay.

Another benefit of fluoride treatment is its capability to combat the growth of bacteria. When harmful agents are stopped in their tracks, they do not have the ability to penetrate the layers of your enamel.

Fluoride paves the way for its sister elements, like calcium and phosphate, to find their proper placement along the tooth’s surface. As the enamel creates a strong veneer, fluoride joins the protective party, enmeshing with other strengthening agents. It is like a chain reaction of elemental benefits!

Ideal Candidates

If you are a healthy individual who wishes to strengthen your teeth’s natural abilities to avoid cavities, then fluoride treatments may be perfect for you. As your teeth develop, it is advisable to support their growth with proper amounts of fluoride. These amounts escalate depending on your age.

  • Babies 0 to 3 years old require 0.1 to 1.5 milligrams of fluoride
  • Kids 4 to 6 years old need 1 to 2.5 milligrams
  • 7 to 10 year olds should get 1.5 to 2.5 milligrams of fluoride
  • Tweens, teens, and adults require 1.5 to 4 milligrams

It is virtually impossible to monitor the exact amounts of fluoride you are receiving each day. If you find a way to do so, please let us know! At Old Town Smiles, we can supplement your daily fluoride needs with a measured, exact approach to dental health. If you need occasional fluoride treatments to fill in the gaps left by diet and insufficient oral hygiene products, contact us for a consultation.

Personal Consultation in Alexandria, Virginia

Your dental care provider should be as special as your smile. Look no further than our decorated staff! Dr. Seema Ahmed, was recognized by Northern Virginia and Virginia Living magazines for her unparalleled commitment to holistic dental health. Esteem shines upon Old Town Smiles like the gleam on your teeth!

Our dedicated team can assess your wellness needs and determine if fluoride treatment is right for you. Please call (703) 836-7000 to schedule your individual consultation. In the meantime, we invite you to peruse our blog to learn more about dental science, aesthetic trends, and healthcare matters that affect our Virginia friends and neighbors.

Preparation and Procedure

During your personal consultation, the doctor and her team will provide you with whatever instructions you may need to prepare for your fluoride treatment. If you are eligible for your procedure, and if time allows, you may be able to experience the benefits of fluoride immediately following your consultation – it’s just that easy!

Fluoride treatments are administered here in our Alexandria office. Your Old Town Smiles dental expert will apply a fluoride solution to your teeth, in effect creating a varnish of healing and defense. The fluoride we use in our clinic is similar to that found in toothpaste, but we have the know-how to apply stronger doses than what is available commercially.

The doctor will either swab the fluoride varnish onto your teeth or fill a tray with the fluoride solution. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes, but the ravishing results can last for up to 12 months!

Aftercare and Results

You may be directed to avoid foods and beverages for approximately half an hour following your fluoride treatment. Great results are worth the wait, and 30 minutes is almost nothing compared to the long-lasting shimmer a fluoride treatment can deliver.

Studies show that one year of proper daily fluoride can help reduce the risk of cavities by 43% in young people.[2] Now take into account that we may not always get a consistent supply of fluoride (especially if we forget to brush once in a while). Fluoride treatments can make up for lost time and bathe your grin with a healing glow. To see how satisfied our past patients have been, take a look at our radiant reviews!

Complementary Procedures 

Fluoride treatments can restore strength and stability to your dental landscape. But what if years of neglect have left your teeth chipped and worn? To address cracks and fissures along the surface of a tooth, consider the benefits of composite resin. The natural-looking mixture adheres to the surface of teeth to fill in gaps and fill out your grin!

You may also be interested in deep cleaning your smile to showcase the wonders of your teeth. In that case, a thorough treatment may be just what the doctor(s) ordered! Dr. Seema Ahmed offers professional teeth cleaning services to add luster to your expression. Support your gum health, bolster your youthful appearance, and enjoy the confidence that only great teeth can bring you!

Cost of Fluoride Treatment in Washington D.C.

Looking good is wonderful, feeling good is even better, and neither should be cost-prohibitive. Fluoride treatment can supplement your dental health routine to minimize cavities and maximize your smile! The price of a fluoride treatment depends on the extent of your session and the nature of your situation. You may require several sessions to achieve the effect you desire. We want to work within your budget to deliver the best results at the right price. We often provide discounts to promote certain procedures, so check our specials page often to see if you can get a fluoride treatment for less!



Fluoride is an essential ingredient in dental healthcare. It can also be a volatile element in the wrong hands. The best way to ensure safety and precision is to consult experts in the field of fluoride treatment. The team at Old Town Smiles takes your safety and satisfaction seriously. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your continued dental health.


Not directly. Teeth whitening techniques remove the outer layers of stains and yellowing. Fluoride treatments, on the other hand, build up your dental defenses from within. By incorporating fluoride into your teeth’s surface structures, your enamel is supported in its eternal battle with bacteria and decay. Fluoride fights bacteria while simultaneously helping calcium and phosphate form a powerful barrier on your teeth. To join this multi-tiered approach to dental health, contact Old Town Smiles at your earliest convenience.


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