Our mouths process language, they process food, and they process emotion. Every word that spills from our lips has intent and meaning. But when your mouth is too dry to function, it muzzles your creativity and stifles your sustenance.

Everyone, at some time or another, experiences dry mouth. It may happen when you are nervous, upset, or under stress. Dry mouth can not only be uncomfortable – it can have serious consequences for your health. Old Town Smiles can replenish your outlook and rehydrate your grin. Conveniently located in Alexandria, Old Town Smiles proudly served the communities of Washington, D.C., southern Maryland, northern Virginia, and beyond! To alleviate your dry mouth concerns, book a consultation at your earliest convenience.

What Is Dry Mouth?

Saliva does more than just keep your mouth wet. It helps digest food, protects teeth from decay, and prevents infection. A healthy level of saliva controls bacteria and fungi in the mouth, and makes it possible for you to chew and swallow. Without enough saliva, you can develop tooth decay or other infections in the mouth.

The technical term for dry mouth is xerostomia.[1] The causes of xerostomia are varied, and the complications are troubling. When the mouth becomes overly arid, it may result in split gums, canker sores, and general oral pain. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with dry mouth, please do not agonize one more minute. Call (703) 836-7000

Causes of Dry Mouth 

There are many factors that may contribute to the onset and persistence of dry mouth. It can be a simple matter of diet or aging, but dry mouth may be tied to more serious causes as well. Cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy often experience dry mouth. Certain medications may also exacerbate the lack of oral dampness. These include antidepressants, anxiety meds, muscle relaxants, decongestants, and antihistamines.

Excessive alcohol consumption or the use of tobacco products may also contribute to dry mouth. Illicit drugs such as methamphetamines and marijuana also interrupt proper salivation. Diabetes, yeast infections, HIV/AIDS and Sjogren’s syndrome may also factor into the existence of dry mouth.

Risks of Untreated Dry Mouth

A decreased saliva rate leads to changes in pH and increased bacterial attacks on the vulnerable portions of the teeth, such as exposed roots. This tends to create odor, pain and, left untreated, will form rampant decay, thus leaving the affected teeth unsalvageable.

When the acidity in your mouth rises, a deluge of complications follow. For starters, the acid may eat away at the enamel of your teeth, ushering caries (cavities) into your life.[2] You are also less equipped to effectively break down the foods you eat. When bacteria and additives linger on the teeth, they increase the risk of decay. It is a downward spiral of faltering dental health.

Benefits of Dry Mouth Treatment

To reclaim a healthy balance of hydration and sensation in your mouth, consider scheduling an appointment with Old Town Smiles. Benefits of our comprehensive approach include:

  • Restoring the viscosity of your saliva
  • Eradicating bad breath caused by dry mouth
  • Facilitate healthier chewing, swallowing, and speaking
  • Reducing sore throat incidents
  • Improving your ability to taste foods
  • Help securely fasten dentures to your gums

Candidates for Treatment

If you are a resident or visitor to Alexandria who is struggling with the complications of dry mouth, then you may be a perfect candidate for treatment at Old Town Smiles. We warmly welcome cancer survivors, people living with autoimmune deficiencies, and those taking medications that cause dry mouth. To determine if you are eligible for dry mouth treatment in Virginia, please contact us.

Personal Consultation in Alexandria, VA.

To address your dry mouth concerns, you should consult with the best dental health team in the Washington, D.C. vicinity. Dr. Seema Ahmed was named “Top Dentists” by Washingtonian Magazine, and her commitment to patients shows why.

To get a glimpse of Old Town Smiles’ dedication and precision, please visit our blog. We appreciate the opportunity to communicate our expertise to you. In return, we ask a favor: please communicate back to us! Your consultation period is a chance to ask questions that get at the root of your condition. Here are some conversation starters:

  • Why do I have dry mouth?
  • Are genetics a factor?
  • Do my medications make dry mouth worse?
  • Is it a long-term problem?
  • How do you treat dry mouth?

Dr. Ahmed thrive on communication and eagerly await your questions. Let’s chat!

Dry Mouth Treatment 

During your personalized consultation, your Old Town Smiles staff will assess your situation and formulate a strategy tailored to your needs. Procedures will vary due to the fact that every smile is unique. Your dry mouth concerns demand an individual approach.

Every great achievement begins with great communication. We will discuss your oral health as a foundation of your diagnosis.

Old Town Smiles will provide counseling to help with dietary remedies to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth. We also administer a special formula of mouth rinse crafted for your specific pH balance. This rinse may contain fluoride, xylitol, or a chemical blend contoured to your dental needs.

Follow-Up and Follow Through

Healthcare is a journey. If you have battled cancer, we want to celebrate your bravery! If you require medications that dry out your mouth, we want to improve your situation. No matter what the causes of your oral condition may be, Old Town Smiles is here for you. Contact us for advice, guidance, and support.

Remarkable Results

To see how overwhelmingly satisfied our other patients have been, please check out our rave reviews.

When you treat dry mouth, you usher in a whole new day of dental health. Food tastes better, conversations feel more pleasant, and your outlook brightens. By making a concerted effort to improve your diet and other contributing factors, we dig into the root causes of dry mouth. We follow up with rejuvenating rinses and comprehensive care that cascades from our initial consultation to the present and brilliant future.

Complementary Procedures 

Sleep apnea is one of the major causes of dry mouth. When you toss, turn, and snore throughout the night, it irritates your mouth. You may also be grinding your teeth and stressing your jaw. To address any and all of these concerns, consider treatment at Old Town Smiles. We can fit you for an oral device that will help align your jaws and free your breathing pathways.

Enjoy a better night’s sleep and a more beautiful smile. Win-win-grin!

Speaking of grins, you can achieve the teeth of your dreams with the help of Smile Design. We will customize a comprehensive plan to make over your mouth, one shimmer at a time. Each tooth demands special attention and each patient deserves a happy, healthy outlook. Whether your mouth needs gum contouring, dental implantsInvisalign, porcelain veneers, or a combination of these disciplines, Old Town Smiles can help.

Cost of Dry Mouth Treatment in Virginia

Dental health is not a “one size fits all” undertaking. Your mouth demands special attention, consideration, and care. The price of your dry mouth treatment will depend on the extent of the issue and the number of sessions required to improve your situation. We offer several payment and financing options to make sure that your smile gets the love it deserves.



There may be many contributing factors that lead to dry mouth. Certain medications, cancer treatments, and dietary situations can sap the moisture from you. To assess your dental health landscape and determine the causes and treatment for your dry mouth, please call (703) 836-7000.


When you do not produce sufficient amounts of saliva, the pH balance of your mouth suffers. Increased acidity can eat away at your teeth and cause chronic pain and discomfort. Do not suffer in silence; confront your dry mouth problem and get a reason to smile again.


It is always advisable to stay hydrated. Water is an essential building block of great health! But if H2O fails to provide you with long-lasting relief from dry mouth, there may be a problem. Contact Old Town Smiles to learn how we can help.


The treatment of your dry mouth will depend on the severity of the condition and the root causes for the dryness. At Old Town Smiles, we treat the patient, not just the mouth. We want to know about your medical history so we can help brighten your future. You may be given counseling and administered healing rinses to address your dry mouth situation. Whatever remedy you may need, Old Town Smiles wants to help.


  1. Napeñas, J.J., Brennan, M.T. & Fox, P.C. (2009). Diagnosis and treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth). Odontology 97, 76–83. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10266-008-0099-7
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