Preventive procedures are a suite of services designed to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. To avoid cavities, bad breath, and mouth pain, contact Old Town Smiles and empower your ideal self.

We are conveniently located in Alexandria, Virginia and proudly serve the dental needs of Arlington, Washington, D.C., and beyond. Call (703) 836-7000 to schedule an appointment for preventative care. After all, the best medicine is the kind you never need to take.

Dry Mouth Therapy

When you struggle with chronic dry mouth, you may have a condition called xerostomia.[1] There are a number of reasons why the mouth becomes dry. Certain medications leach moisture from the oral area, radiation treatment for cancer can lead to dry mouth, and the simple act of aging can dehydrate one’s tongue and gums.

The best way to address issues of dry mouth is to schedule a comprehensive consultation at Old Town Smiles. We can advise you which dietary steps to take to alleviate the severity of dry mouth. For example, limiting caffeine intake is a great first step, but it may not be enough. The salivary glands may need help functioning properly, so be prepared to share your medical history so we can diagnose your case fully.

If dry mouth goes untreated, it can lead to a wide array of dental complications. Saliva is one of our body’s natural maintenance processes. When there is insufficient moisture to keep the mouth hydrated and healthy, your dentistry suffers. Dry mouth can lead to bad breath, damaged roots, and ultimately tooth decay. Call us at (703) 836-7000 to discuss your experiences with dry mouth and together, we can determine a better path forward.

Fluoride Treatment

There’s a reason why every major toothpaste brand includes fluoride in their marketing campaign: because it works. Fluoride helps prevent cavities by forming a protective barrier along the surface of the teeth. A strong façade can deter the damaging effects of sugary foods, bacteria, and various acids.

Old Town Smiles offers fluoride treatments customized to your needs and goals. Some clients may require a rejuvenating boost every three months while others might only need fluoride treatment once a year. There is a wonderfully cumulative effect to fluoride care; it helps the other elements in your teeth, like phosphate and calcium, develop a mighty cohesion. Hence, the benefits of fluoride treatment endure long after your session at our Alexandria office. Following a few sessions at Old Town Smiles, you may not need to visit us as frequently (although you are always welcome – we love to celebrate your results!).

Oral Cancer Screening

Every year, approximately a quarter-million new cases of oral cancer emerge globally. There are over 125,000 deaths associated with cancers of the lip and oral cavity annually.[2] Do not become a statistic. Avoid the most tragic outcomes of oral cancer by detecting it early and treating it comprehensively.

If you are a smoker, a drinker, or have a family history of cancer, you carry a higher risk of developing oral cancer. You can conduct a self-exam at home by looking for white spots along the hard palate, under the tongue, or along the gums. While a self-exam is great for bolstering awareness of your own oral health, it is not as thorough as the state-of-the-art approach we take at Old Town Smiles. Our VELscope device can bathe your mouth with painless blue light to unveil any abnormalities that may indicate the existence of oral cancer.

While you may not want to consider the possibility that you have oral cancer, the alternative is far worse. If gone unchecked, oral cancer can grow more disastrous, spreading to the lymph nodes and beyond. Fight trepidation with action – contact Old Town Smiles and put cancer in its place.

Professional Teeth Cleaning 

Your grin is a win-win. It conveys your emotions and it serves a multitude of vital functions. To preserve the aesthetics and dental strength of your smile, consider a professional cleaning session here in Alexandria, Virginia.

Your cleaning begins with a thorough yet gentle examination. We want to ensure that your gums are healthy before concentrating on the look and feel of your teeth. Your dental professional will look for tartar buildup, cracks in your enamel, and any signs of inflammation along the gumline. If plaque and other deposits have accumulated in a pronounced way, your teeth may need to undergo a debridement before the cleaning can commence.[3]

Once the surface of your teeth is clean and smooth, it will be more resilient against chipping and cracking. Your polished, pearly smile will shine for all to see! Call (703) 836-7000 to learn more about professional teeth cleaning here at Old Town Smiles.

Benefits of Preventive Care

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the teeth may just be the gateway to one’s overall well being. Tooth decay can lead to a host of oral complications, which is why preventive care is so beneficial to maintaining your health and happiness.


  • Keep up your brilliant smile
  • Improve your dental longevity
  • Prevent bad breath at its source
  • Diagnose and treat oral cancer before it spreads

To experience the benefits of preventive dental care for yourself, please contact Old Town Smiles in Alexandria, Virginia.

Eligible Candidates

It is never too early to plan for the smile of tomorrow. Ideal candidates for preventive dental care are men, women, and children who wish to preserve their oral health for decades to come. The exact nature of your care will be customized to your anatomy and goals. For example, fluoride treatments are tailored to the age of a client and the extent of their dental needs.

To determine your eligibility for a preventive procedure, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Seema Ahmed. They have both been voted among the top dentists in the region by Washingtonian magazine. Dr. Ahmed can assess your candidacy for preventive treatment during your comprehensive consultation.

Private Consultation in Alexandria, VA

We understand that some people are hesitant to see a dentist. That is why the team at Old Town Smiles goes out of our way to make you feel comfortable and safe. Dentistry should not be scary – we just want to help you find your inner grin!

Your trained medical representative will gently examine your teeth and listen to your needs. She will explain the preventive options that best suit your case and make sure you fully understand the thinking behind each procedure. After all, an informed client is a happy client. That is why we regularly update our blog. Stay informed, get inspired, and bring any questions that may arise with you to your consultation appointment.

Preparation and Procedure

The preparation process for your upcoming procedure is tailored to the nature of your dental needs. During your comprehensive consultation, you will receive detailed instructions to prepare you for the procedure in question. In general, we advise clients to quit smoking at least three weeks before any dental work. Tobacco products deteriorate gum health, interfere with proper circulation, and contribute to various forms of oral cancer.

You should brush and floss regularly in the days leading up to your appointment. If brushing and/or flossing is causing excessive bleeding, please inform us during your consultation. You can also call (703) 836-7000 with any concerns you may have regarding your dental health.

Recovery and Results

Depending on the procedure you experience, your aftercare directions will vary. Please follow the advice of your dedicated, experienced dentist to ensure a speedy, productive recovery.

The end goal of every procedure at Old Town Smiles is just that: smiles! We want your satisfaction to shine through. Just take a look at our past patients’ kind words to get a glimpse of how happy you will be with your results. We are committed to providing 5-star service to Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and beyond. Old Town Smiles is eager to add you to our growing list of happy, healthy clientele.



You deserve the best care at the right price. Every dental procedure is customized to the patient, so the costs must also be tailored to the individual. Old Town Smiles provides transparent pricing as part of our comprehensive consultation. We also offer seasonal specials, so be sure to check back often to take advantage of these great deals!


Your Old Town Smiles team works diligently to maintain your comfort level. We offer oral and IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and general anesthesia to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of sedation for your procedure. Contact our office to discuss your dental health goals.


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