It is very important to understand the connection your mouth has to your body. The first thing that happens is bacteria start to build up on your teeth, which causes the gums to become infected. Once the gums become infected the immune systems sends signals to that area of infection and then gums become inflamed. This inflammation may continue unless it is addressed and taken care of. If you let this go untreated for too long the inflammation will release chemicals that will start to eat away the gums and surrounding bone structure. This result is known as Periodontal Disease. Even though this process is happening in your mouth, it can start to affect; a persons heart, a person who has diabetes, a person who is pregnant, a person who smokes, and a person’s lungs.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums has shown to help a person live a healthier and longer life. So this means brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and going for regular dental cleanings and check-ups. If you have not scheduled with your hygienist for your dental check-up please call us today! Thank you and have a Great Day!* Old Town Smiles.


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