Our smiles are one of the first things people will notice about us. Smiles convey joy and happiness to the people we encounter every day. However, over time our smiles eventually lose their youthful, brilliant luster. As we age, teeth become stained and discolored and many external factors will contribute to the staining of teeth. Our teeth can weaken as we age, affecting their vibrancy as well. At Old Town Smiles, we offer a fast and easy solution to dull smiles.

Whitening your teeth is an excellent solution to transform your smile! Teeth whitening procedures are fast and offer immediate results! Old Town Smiles offer convenient and effective teeth whitening solutions that can be completed at home or in our office.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Many factors contribute to the discoloration of our teeth, diet being the biggest one. Many foods and drinks will cause the outer layer of our teeth, the enamel, to become stained when consumed regularly. Coffee, wine, soda, flavored waters, tea, tomatoes, candy, and richly colored fruits affect the color of our teeth. Smoking and medication can also contribute to our teeth turning a yellow hue.

Teeth whitening is an effective procedure that reduces stains on discolored teeth, making your smile brilliantly whiter. The process uses different whitening ingredients to diminish marks on the outside of the treated teeth. This procedure benefits the appearance of your smile while maintaining the structure of your teeth.

At Old Town Smiles, we believe everyone has the right to have a beautiful, healthy smile they can be proud of. That’s why we offer multiple types of teeth whitening for you to choose from.


Zoom 2 is a cutting-edge technology for whitening treatments available in our office or from the comfort of your home. The Zoom 2 technology uses a light-activated whitening gel that is combined with overhead LED light to provide dazzling results.

Whitening Trays

We also make take-home whitening trays for our patients. To have the entire treatment performed from the convenience of your home, we provide the patient with custom made whitening trays and gel to administer on their own time.

The at-home whitening tray treatment does not incorporate LED light. Both treatments are effective at improving the color of your teeth. However, for the best results, we recommend a combination of the two treatments.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth not only improves the quality of your smile, but it also transforms the impression of your appearance. Whiter teeth can make you look younger and improve your self-image. With whiter teeth, patients smile more, which often leads to an improved sense of self-confidence. For the best results, you should receive your teeth whitening procedure from a professional instead of using over-the-counter-products. Benefits of receiving a professional teeth whitening procedure include:


Whitening strips do not provide consistent results on each, individual tooth. This may give patients an uneven smile. Old Town Smiles uses a technique that benefits each tooth to create a uniform smile.


Our advanced technology provides our patients with long-lasting results that drugstore brands cannot achieve. With a stronger level of whitening gel than over-the-counter-products have, our professionally administered gel provides longer results.


Our highly trained dental assistants will use a protective cover over the gums for the in-office treatment, to minimize slight discomfort or discoloration. For at-home procedures, we offer custom designed trays that fit the patient’s mouth. Both of these measures ensure that the whitening gel doesn’t affect the gums.


The results we achieve will be immediately noticeable, with your teeth appearing shades lighter in just an hour.

Safe, Individualized Procedure

Everyone’s smile is different. At Old Town Smiles, we will work with you to customize your experience.

Over-the-counter-products offer only one solution to the color of your teeth. Whereas, we advise our patients to choose the strength of the whitening gel, so they can receive the smile they desire.

Performed by our qualified dental assistants, this procedure is a safe alternative to drugstore products that can negatively affect the rest of the mouth.

Is Teeth Whitening A Good Solution For You?

Ideal candidates for teeth whitening procedures are adults over the age of sixteen who have good oral healthcare habits. Severe stains cannot be treated by over-the-counter-products and will need professional attention.

Patients who may not be good candidates for professional teeth whitening include those who possess:

  • A peroxide allergy
  • Cracks or decay. The whitening gel can do further damage if it gets inside the tooth. The gel is for external use only.
  • Gum disease. Peroxide can further irritate the gums, causing the patient discomfort.
  • Fillings, crowns, or restorations. These products are a permanent color and will not change during a teeth whitening procedure, this will lead to a lack of color uniformity.

Pregnant or are breastfeeding. This procedure is best performed after pregnancy and breastfeeding are complete.

  • Sensitive teeth. Patients with sensitive teeth may experience further discomfort if they receive teeth whitening.

Your Personal Consultation

Together, with our expert dentists, you will get the opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding your teeth, the whitening solution you are interested in and what your expected outcomes are. An alternative solution may be suggested if teeth whitening is not an appropriate option for your teeth. Dr. Ahmed will work to create a personally-tailored plan that will best fit your needs and benefit your smile.

Our dentists will examine your teeth and ask about your general health. When considering a teeth whitening procedure, it is important to have the health of your teeth evaluated. Teeth whitening is performed with peroxide, which may irritate unhealthy gums and make your teeth sensitive.

During your consultation, your teeth will be examined and tested to ensure comfortable, positive results.

Teeth Whitening Options

At Old Town Smiles, we offer two, convenient types of teeth whitening options: Zoom 2 and Take Home Trays. Our doctors will make a recommendation based on each individual’s goals and health. Patients will either be recommended for in-office Zoom whitening, customized take-home whitening trays, or both.


Zoom 2 is an in-office whitening procedure. Sometimes called power bleaching, this procedure is fast and efficient. It combines a gentle but strong whitening gel with powerful laser light. In this way, Zoom 2 can whiten teeth up to ten shades lighter in less than an hour. Patients walk out of their appointment with immediately brilliant results.


Take-home trays are a convenient and efficient method of teeth whitening as well. With this procedure, impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken so that we can create comfortable, custom-made thin flexible trays that fit the mouth perfectly.

The customized trays help maximize consistent whitening and reduce the possibility of gum sensitivity or discoloration. The patients are also provided with whitening gel to wear in the trays in the convenience of their own home.

While take-home trays also offer great, long-lasting results, they will take more time to accomplish patients’ desired results than the in-office Zoom 2 system. For this reason, our doctors frequently recommend combining both systems for maximum results. The trays are a great way to refresh and maintain the great results acquired from Zoom 2.

For most patients, our doctors recommend a combination of take-home trays and Zoom 2 in order to achieve the best results. During the patient’s first appointment, impressions are made of the patient’s mouth in order to create a custom-fitted whitening tray they can use at home.

Patients are provided with the whitening gel, which they should use with their custom trays for one hour, every day for a week. After one week, they will return to our offices for the Zoom 2 treatment. This treatment plan leaves patients satisfied and with a brilliantly white smile.

For even more impressive, long-lasting results, patients may continue to use their at-home whitening trays. Once they have achieved their desired shade, they can use the whitening trays once a month at home to refresh the whitening and to keep the results consistent.

Recovery & Results

The non-invasive teeth whitening treatments we offer are fast and require no downtime. Our patients leave their Zoom 2 and tray-fitting appointments feeling excited and proud of their brighter smiles! Both in-office and at-home teeth whitening are quick and convenient, making them the perfect solution for someone who wants a fast solution that results in a brilliant smile! Results will be visible immediately and will last for the long term with proper maintenance. By re-applying the whitening solution once a month, the results will remain consistent.

Following the procedure, it is best to avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures, such as hot beverages or ice cream. Over-the-counter medications, such as Ibuprofen, can help relieve any discomfort as well as using a “teeth sensitive” toothpaste for a few weeks.

Teeth whitening is an uncomplicated procedure. It is not necessary for patients to take time off from work and they can return to their normal schedule immediately following the procedure. Patients are always welcome to call if they have any questions or concerns.

Caring For Your Teeth

Proper oral care is an important aspect of the longevity of any teeth whitening results.

Regular dental check-ups every six months will help prolong healthy teeth. You should also brush your teeth three times a day for about two minutes. Foods and drinks with strong colors and acidity should be avoided, such as red wine, sodas, flavored waters, coffee, tea, tomatoes, candy, and coffee. Smoking will also negatively impact your oral health as well as cause discoloration to quickly re-appear in your teeth.

Take-home trays can be prescribed at future appointments to keep teeth consistent and results radiant! We want our patients to enjoy their smiles for years to come!


Teeth whitening procedures will differ between patients as everyone has unique teeth and different cosmetic goals. If you are interested in how teeth whitening will rapidly transform your smile, schedule your consultation today at (703) 836-7000!


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