A smile is your passport to human interaction. When you flash your pearly whites, you convey a sense of confidence and warmth to those with whom you interact, inviting them to connect and converse. But if you are insecure about your teeth, you may feel restrained and sheepish when it comes time to smile.

Crooked, cracked dentistry demands the attentive care of a skilled professional. It is important to consider the underlying causes of orthodontic issues such as misalignment and improper bite before rushing to a quick fix. That said, there may be a fast and effective way to spruce up your smile without requiring extensive, invasive procedures.

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About Instant Orthodontics

Instant Orthodontics is a cosmetic procedure where a combination of porcelain veneers, crowns, or bonding is used to artistically redesign your smile. The exact ratio of these services will depend on the unique structure of your teeth. We can straighten your smile and adjust your bite for optimal function and comfort.


If the surface of a tooth is discolored, chipped, or otherwise unsatisfactory, a new front can be bonded to the front of it. Dental bonding can lengthen teeth that are worn down and address an array of other dental issues. For example, if the space between two teeth is displeasing to your aesthetics, then dental bonding can close the gap and brighten your outlook.

A durable plastic compound bonds to the resin in your teeth. A gentle yet powerful light acts as the catalyst that melds the resin to the front of your tooth.[1] The result is a seamless smile with satisfaction for miles!


Your appearance is a work of art. It deserves customized teeth to match. Porcelain veneers are meticulously crafted, layer by layer, with medical grade materials that emulate the look and feel of enamel. They shimmer with a translucent facade that showcases a healthy white foundation beneath.

Each veneer is designed to affix to its designated tooth. Your dental professional may need to contour the front of your existing tooth to bond precisely with its veneer, but the inside portion is usually left unmanipulated. Discoloration, cracks, and other impurities can all benefit from the help of porcelain veneers.


When a tooth suffers from more extensive damage than just surface issues, then a crown may be the perfect fit. A crown is a “cap” that fits onto your tooth to provide 360 degrees of rejuvenation and restoration. Crowns can be fashioned from ceramic, porcelain, zirconia, or even gold. Once the crown is custom made, it is cemented onto the existing tooth to enhance its strength and style.

To learn more about crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding, contact Old Town Smiles. We can strategize the right combination of techniques to transform your grin!

The Benefits of Instant Orthodontics

As the name suggests, instant orthodontics provide the benefit of expedience. If you do not want to wait months or even years for a straighter, brighter smile, then check out the possibilities of instant orthodontics in Alexandria, Virginia. Benefits include:

  • A straighter ridge along the line of your teeth
  • Whiter teeth
  • Less gaps
  • More confidence!

One unexpected residual benefit of instant orthodontics is the way they fill out your appearance. Years of decay and neglect can leave your mouth hollow and slack. A healthy boost from veneers can provide your lips the proper plump they need. The fine lines and gaps around your mouth may recede, leaving only a hearty “thank you” lingering on your lips!

To see how the dedication and diligence of the Old Town Smiles team can benefit your teeth, please visit our blog.

Ideal Candidates for Instant Orthodontics

Residents of Alexandria, Virginia, and visitors to the greater Washington, D.C. area should consider the ease and effectiveness of instant orthodontics. If you do not struggle with a severe overbite or underbite, then you may be eligible for the procedure.

Instant orthodontics is designed to address superficial issues like small cracks and imperfections.

You are a great candidate if you have crooked teeth but do not have the time to commit to Invisalign or conventional braces! To learn if instant orthodontics is right for you, please call 703-836-7000 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Personal Consultation in Alexandria, VA.

During your initial appointment at Old Town Smiles, be ready to provide your medical history and dental goals. We are ready to listen and eager to help!

Taking a holistic approach to dental health, Dr. Ahmed considers a patient’s overall wellness. Together, the Old Town Smiles team provides Alexandria and its surrounding Virginia & D.C. communities with vast expertise and compassion. Contact our support staff at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation and chart a path to dental improvement.

Preparation for Instant Orthodontics

The instant orthodontics process involves just a few easy steps. First, we will assess your unique dental structure. Once an examination is completed, we can determine whether or not you are an eligible candidate for Instant Orthodontics. Next, the doctors will spend one-on-one time with you to discuss your desired smile. Our master ceramist will create a wax mock-up of what you want your teeth to look like. The dentist will then design and create a whole new beautiful smile for you.

The Instant Orthodontics Procedure

While the cosmetic teeth are being prepared, an impression will be made in order to create temporary teeth that mimic the wax-up. While wearing your temporaries, you will continue with your routine dental care at home. Two weeks later, you will be welcomed back to Old Town Smiles for your final visit. We will bond the permanent restorations to your teeth. Smile and show the world how happy you are!

Rapid Recovery

There is generally no downtime required, since instant orthodontics are non-invasive. You may experience some slight sensitivity for the initial few days following your final placement. To minimize any discomfort, you can avoid eating and drinking excessively hot or cold materials. Your doctor will invite you back for a follow-up visit to monitor your progress and make sure you are enjoying the full benefits of your new look!

Stunning Results

Imagine a whole new beautiful smile in as little as two or three visits. But even though instant orthodontics can be achieved in a short span of time, they have long-lasting results. An ambitious study of 186 porcelain veneers, for example, showed an amazing success rate five years after their initial placement. A staggering 98.4% of the veneers provided their wearers continued satisfaction with no need for professional intervention.[2] Simply put: they stayed put!

Complementary Procedures 

Instant orthodontics provide your teeth with a marvelous makeover, but what about their surroundings? If you struggle with uneven or unsightly gums, Old Town Smiles can help. A gum lift procedure can bring symmetry to your mouth, balancing your teeth/gums ratio.

While instant orthodontics is an ideal solution for individuals who want noticeable results in no time, it may not be the right procedure for people with more comprehensive dental issues. In these cases, a full mouth reconstruction may be just what the doctor ordered. You can ask them directly by contacting Old Town Smiles to learn how Dr. Ahmed can transform your periodontal perspective!



Instant orthodontics is the art of replenishing the appearance of your teeth without exhaustive and extensive procedures. Through a strategic combination of veneers, bonding, and crowns, Old Town Smiles can take your teeth from blah to brilliant!


The cost of your procedure will depend on your individual case and the extent of your needs. To get an idea of pricing and process, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff members.


If you have crooked, cracked, or yellow teeth, then instant orthodontics may be perfect for you. Some smiles can benefit from the comprehensive care offered by an Invisalign treatment, but others are merely looking for a simple spruce-up. If you want to know how Old Town Smiles can help with all of the above, please call 703-836-7000. Dr. Ahmed possess the dental prowess to deliver real results according to your timeline!


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