Cosmetic dental procedures are techniques that refresh your smile and help to rejuvenate your appearance. Cosmetic procedures include gum lifts, orthodontics, veneers, teeth whitening, gap filling, and gum reshaping.

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Smile with Confidence

Insecurities with your teeth can cause a lack of self-esteem. Maybe you only smile with your mouth closed. Or when you talk, you might try to minimize how much you open your mouth.  Even with loved ones, you might try to limit how much your teeth can be seen. If you can’t smile with confidence, contact us at Old Town Smiles and we can help you.

At Old Town Smiles, we believe everyone deserves to be able to smile confidently, without feeling self-conscious.

We offer a variety of procedures that address a wide variety of dental conditions that might affect your smile. Don’t let insecurities with your teeth hold you back any longer. Smile with confidence again after a visit to Old Town Smiles. Contact us here or call our Alexandria office today to schedule your appointment: (703) 836-7000.

About Cosmetic Dentistry in Alexandria, VA

Interest in cosmetic dentistry has been steadily growing. As new techniques are developed, more people have been looking toward cosmetic dentistry to create the smile they want. Smiling is one of the most powerful facial expressions. With a small, simple gesture, we can confer friendly and sympathetic emotions with interlocutors and strangers alike. Everyone wants to be able to smile freely and with confidence. We can help you achieve that beautiful smile you deserve.


  • More stunning smile
  • Improve diet and health
  • More attractive and youthful appearance
  • Increase in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Reduce pain
  • Better dental health

Suitable Candidates

Suitable candidates for cosmetic dentistry include anyone that wants to restore or enhance their smile. Whether you just chipped a tooth or have neglected regular dental visits for years, Old Town Smiles’ cosmetic dentistry can help restore your smile to what you want it to be. To determine if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic dentistry, schedule a consultation and we can review your case.

Your Personal Consultation with Old Town Smiles

Your journey to the smile you desire begins with a consultation at Old Town Smiles. Each of our dentists understand the importance of open communication. Communication forms the foundation for successful cosmetic dental procedures.[1] We want to understand our patient’s goals and expectations in order to help them achieve their aspirations. During your consultation, we will review your dental history and conduct an initial examination. We will discuss what you want to accomplish with cosmetic dentistry and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Seema Ahmed earned a reputation for being a “dentist’s dentist” because she counts many of her colleagues as patients. Other dentists are very discerning when it comes to their own teeth, so if they trust Dr. Ahmed, you know you are in caring and capable hands. She was also named a 2019 “Top Dentist” by Washingtonian Magazine. She strives to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all her patients, especially those that have not been to a dentist in years or even decades.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We offer a number of cosmetic procedures that can restore your smile to a state you can be proud of. Whether you haven’t been to a dentist in years or recently had an accident, contact us today and we can walk you through your options.


Facial rejuvenation has become extremely popular in recent years. But even the softest, smoothest skin might feel superfluous if you don’t love your smile. Anti-aging dentistry focuses on helping mature patients restore that smile they remember. You might not even realize how aging teeth can affect other aspects of your appearance. By resolving issues with the color, shape, or gaps in your teeth, we can shave years off your appearance. A fresh, whiter smile helps everyone appear more vibrant and healthy. People can experience issues with the size and shape of their teeth as well. Gaps can form, we can lose teeth, and some teeth may grow to be misaligned. As part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation, you shouldn’t neglect your teeth.

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Dental bonding is the process of applying a tooth-colored composite material to your teeth. Dental bonding can fix teeth that have chipped, worn down, or incurred other imperfections such as discoloration or gaps. Dental bonding can also serve as protection for your teeth. Chipped teeth are quite common. If you’ve chipped a tooth, don’t despair; we can correct that issue and help

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How your smile appears often depends on your teeth-to-gum ratio that is visible when you smile. An often overlooked aspect of a gleaming smile is the gums. An excessive amount of visible gums might create a spookier appearance than you desire. Asymmetric gums might cause an unbalanced smile. By using our medical-grade lasers, we can treat asymmetric gums and restore harmony to your smile.

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We usually think of orthodontics as something for teenagers. But orthodontics can work wonders with adults as well. If you have malpositioned teeth or your smile has grown crooked over the years, instant orthodontics can help reposition your teeth and refresh your smile. Whether your teeth have sustained an injury or they’ve just grown apart, you can bring back your beautiful smile with instant orthodontics from Old Town Smiles.

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Invisalign offers an effective alternative to metal braces. Once upon a time, those metal braces were the only means of adjusting your smile. Many of us remember the dreaded trip to have metal braces tightened, an experience that greatly limited eating options for the next day or two. Invisalign allows for the gradual adjustment of teeth into an attractive smile without the side-effects and complications of metal braces. You can eat and drink comfortably knowing that Invisalign is shaping your smile how you wish. Invisalign continually evolves thanks to valuable input of dentists and patients. Old Town Smiles will work with you to help you adjust your teeth without the pain associated with braces.

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Veneers were invented way back in the 1920s to help Hollywood actors maintain their picture-perfect smiles. While the technology has evolved in the hundred years since their inception, the purpose remains the same: helping you achieve your enviable grin. Porcelain veneers work by applying layers of medical-grade porcelain to the surface of your teeth. By gently reshaping your teeth to accommodate the veneer, we help you achieve a full, radiant smile, just as stunning as your favorite actors and actresses. Porcelain veneers can correct chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and even gaps in your smile. Don’t feel resigned to a smile borne of circumstance; take control of your own smile with veneers.

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Smile design is a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates any number of our cosmetic techniques to create the smile of your dreams. Whether you’ve fallen down and hit your mouth or haven’t visited a dentist since you were a kid, we can help you redesign your smile based on your goals and desires. Just like a wardrobe makeover includes various elements, a smile makeover can include a variety of techniques including gum contouring, dental crowns, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, and more. Take back control of your own gaze with the help of Old Town Smiles.

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Teeth whitening is extremely popular due to how easy it is to fix the discoloration caused by living life. Many things can cause discoloration of teeth: coffee, wine, tea, smoking, candy and medication. Whatever the cause of your discoloration, our Zoom 2 whitening technology provides a safe and viable solution. Don’t feel restrained any longer.

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We’ve achieved remarkable results for many patients in need of some smile therapy. We strive to create a supportive and caring environment. For a peek into the service we provide please look over our reviews. In any comprehensive facial rejuvenation strategy, cosmetic dentistry ensures a pleasing and satisfying smile and provides excellent results for patients.[2]

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in the D.C. Area?

Cosmetic procedures are customized for every individual based on their unique needs. During your consultation, we can provide you a comprehensive set of prices for cosmetic procedures.



It’s never too late to fix bad teeth. We live in times when numerous methods are available to restore a pleasant smile, no matter what condition your teeth are in now. After your consultation, we can determine which techniques should be employed to restore a brilliant smile.


It depends on what is meant by “bad teeth”. Veneers can be applied to some teeth that are only slightly crooked and don’t affect your bite. But veneers should not be used until other conditions, such as cavities, are treated.


Leaving tooth decay untreated can lead to ongoing issues with pain, discomfort, and increase the eventual cost of treatments. It’s always best to treat tooth decay as quickly as possible.


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